domenica 18 marzo 2007

Musik von Harmonia

Una nave spaziale in PVC, provvista di manico ergonomico e in rotta di collisione con il sole. Ai comandi c'è il Barone di Münchhausen. La propulsione è psilocybinica. Insomma, ci sono tre tedeschi che fanno elettronica negli anni 70. Uno si chiama come un matematico settecentesco, primo teorizzatore di forme geometriche impossibili. Non per caso. Del krautrock questo è uno dei dischi più belli e vertiginosi.

BRAIN RECORDS 1044 (1974)
192 kbps

tracklist here
link and password in the comments

5 commenti:

fuco ha detto...

link: hxxp://

password: carezzadinana

Anonimo ha detto...

pass dont work
bitches want their money back

fuco ha detto...

just copy and paste the password, i tried to download it right now and it works.

Anonimo ha detto...

"Sorry, this file is no longer available. It may have been deleted by the uploader, or has expired."

#any chance for a re-up?

fuco ha detto...

one of the aims of this blog is putting up full albums to download, but as this practice is obviously not legal, it is right in my opinion to allow downloading for a limited amount of time only. as i'm currently trying to re-listen to the whole of my collection, i want to put up a new album for you to download every week or so. so please don't ask (for now) fo re-ups. just look for "Musik von Harmonia" on some other blog (try for "krautrockteam", that's a krautrock-only music blog), it shouldn't be difficult to find it as it's a very talked about record.